Universal Studios Orlando Trip: A Review featuring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I was lucky enough to get to go to Universal Studios in Orlando over winter-break this year. The trip was part of my 21st birthday present and mainly, so I could go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This was my first trip to Florida, so it was quite an adventure.

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Please feel free to ask any questions.

*Happy Dance*

I reached one of my major goals in life today!  I got handle and feed our Eurasian Eagle Owl, Athena.  I remeber when I used to be a Nature Trailer and how I used to always get Hawlk Talk, so I would always stare at the birds.  And I would watch the JZs feed the birds and I dreamed about the day when I would get to feed them.  (Although this is before we had Athena, so it was mostly Dillon, our Bald Eagle, that I would stare at, and King Richard of course.  Oh and Gwen, ya know lets just make it all the birds, otherwise I'm gonna have a long list here...)  The point is that now 7 yrs later I finally get to.

I feel really acomplished right now too.  Not just b/c I finally made it to the big birds, but also b/c I was able to do it.  So with training you always have to watch for a full day, and when I did this yesterday everyone was telling me how it's a shock to have that much weight (about 6 lb) on you're arm, left arm for the record too.  Also she's a big bird and I'm not the biggest person.  But I was really happy that I was able to lift her, feed her, and hold her for a while without my arm hurting/dying/shaking/falling off.  And yay, I didn't screw up in front of like the whole ARC.  (Everyone thought it would be really funny to see me with Athena, so all of staff and a lot of the other JZs came to watch me feed her.  Apparently we look very cute together.  Jessie, the director of the ARC told me that she is like four times as wide as me and that it looked really cute...).  I will have someone take a picture some time soon and post it.

That is all, I thought this was important enough to be posted all by it's self.

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So, this mourning we were informed that a horrible review of the zoo had been posted on the internet/e-mailed to the zoo in regards to our birds and how we "tie them up" and were told to make sure we try our best to make everyone understand these are "damaged wildlife" that would have been put to sleep if we didn't house them/die in the wild...ect.

I tried to find the review when I got home, just out of curiousity....couldn't find it.  How ever, I did find a lot of reviews on yelp.com, some of wich were really bad.  I am slightly amused by the complaints people have.  They seem to be as follows:
-there are no elephants (umm anyone remeber why we got rid of our elephants...oh ya, we sent them to a wildlife reserve b/c the general public told us they needed more space)
- we don't have enough animals
- there are no staff people/volunteers to answer questions (I wonder if this is from the people who ignore me when I come up to them and say "Hi guys!  So, do you have any questions about any of our birds?")
- our animals look old (this one just confuses me...has anyone ever considered it's b/c they are old, in which case yay from them still being healthy and alive in my opinion)
- the animals are always sleeping/not doing much (what do you want them to do?  sing and dance?)
- the exhibits are all old (well the zoo just turned 80, so yah, most are old, but are slowly being redone)
- omg you can't see the baby animals, they only put them out for a few hours (this is to protect them from you)
-What a rip off $12 to get into the zoo.  (umm AOS is $25...)

I was really tempted to sit there are reply to all of the peoples comments with reasons behind what ever they were complaining about/write my own review, but didn't.

Anyway on a happier note I saw a few reviews that mentioned how awsome the zoo was.  Also nice comments regarding teen volunteers and the Aye-Aye exhibit.
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ARC Animals of View From The Bay

Today I went on a little trip down to our local ABC studio to help with the animal aspect of the zoo being on the show.  You can watch it and see a few of my friends from the ARC (and watch me run back and forth holding animals)

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Summer Schedule

Because I think I finally figured it out....

My weekends are Mon., Tue., W. (Sorry Marisol, there are too many people already working on Mon./Tue so I guess I'll just have to hang out with you on W. or after 5)

I'm at the zoo Thur., Fri., Sat., Sun.
- Thur. I'm either a JZ for the whole day or filling in for one of the other interns (NT/Floater/Theatre)
- Fri., Sat., Sun., I'm a JZ for half the day and then I'll be working at the Aye-Aye Forrest from 1:30-3:30 (tours are every 15 min, last one is at 3:15, come visit me!)

Disclaime: This is the ARC's summer schedule for interns version 2.0.  May be Is subject to change.  And this is only a generalization of my schedule, so it's not exact, but I didn't feel like scanning my calandars for the next few months.